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All your Radical Yes product-specific questions in relation to fit, support and even our pre-orders and sales!

Are Radical Yes shoes supportive?

Yes! All of our shoes have our very own, removable, leather athletic innersoles.

Will Radical Yes shoes work with my orthotics?

Yes! Almost all Radical Yes shoes have removable athletic inner soles.

Do you ever have sales?

Sometimes. To be notified first, it’s best to be on our mailing list. Our subscribers get the first word on new products, early access to sales, and more radical fun things. To subscribe, head to our website and add your email address to our email si

What’s a pre-order?

Sometimes we get so excited about a style that we want to share them with you before the factory is finished making them and open a pre-order option!

Where can I buy your shoes?

We don’t have stockists. We want to work directly with every customer and as much as possible know every single person who wears our shoes!

The shoes/size I want are sold out! Will you be getting any more?

Maybe! Send us an email if you’re chasing an item that is out of stock, and will be in touch if/when they become available again.