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How long does it take to wear-in my new shoes?Updated 24 days ago

All feet are different, as are all shoes. So there is no standard answer to this. Shoes wear very differently based on your feet and based on the material of the shoe. While there are tricks to soften shoes (they can even be stretched by a cobbler) the best way to wear them, is to wear them! It also depends on the material of the shoe, see below for the ins and outs of all of our materials.


Most customers find our leather shoes wearable from the get-go (even Liberation Loafers!), but some feet need a little more help than others to get your new shoes feeling 100%. Our leather lined/leather upper shoes can stretch up to 8-10% over any pressure points if needed, but won’t give too much if they’re feeling like a perfect fit. Leather is a natural material so will soften the most with age and also let your feet breathe.

PU Upper

Polyurethane (PU) is a man-made material designed to simulate leather, so reacts similarly to wear over time, softening to accommodate the shape of your feet. However, it does not have the breathability of leather and may take a little longer to soften. We use a very high-quality PU for our non-leather styles, which a lot of customers find more durable and comfortable long-term than leather.


Canvas shoes may feel stiff for a little longer than expected, but persevere with some thick socks and the hairdryer trick from our Fitting Hacks page and you should be rocking them in no time.

Nylon Upper

Similar to canvas, nylon is a woven material so may take some wearing in to soften. Many of our nylon styles are lined with PU to simulate the softness of leather against your feet.

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