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Our Rad HQ answer your product queries in relation to, how to; wear, style and look after our products.

Can I wear my Radical Yes shoes everyday?

We get it. You love your radical new shoes and you want to wear them every waking hour of every day!

How do Radical Yes shoes typically fit?

Pretty true to size! Feet are like snowflakes so fit tends to vary slightly based on the style.

How long does it take to wear-in my new shoes?

All feet are different, as are all shoes. So there is no standard answer to this. Shoes wear very differently based on your feet and based on the material of the shoe. While there are tricks to soften shoes (they can even be stretched by a cobbler) t

I wear a half-size, what should I do?

We only do whole sizes, so we typically recommend that half sizes size up and add an extra pair of our athletic inner soles.